Solar Charge Controller

Solar Charge Controller is a must component in a standalone photo-voltaic system. Th technology is created to regulate power from the solar panels to the battery bank.

The device will protect and prolong the battery’s life by ensures they are not over-charged and over-discharge. Solar charge controller will protect  solar panels from backward currents. This product is produced at very competitive cost.



Technology Specifications

  1. Automatic Storage Battery Type Detection suitable for upgrade from 12V to 24V storagebattery.
  2. Multi-stage PWM Battery Charging to extend the storage battery lifetime3. Automatic Charge Equalization once a month or equivalent to 10 to 30 charging cycles
  3. Temperature Compensated Battery Charging
  4. Supports high input current from PV panel, from 10A up to 30A for high charging efficiency
  5. User friendly and easy to operate through full automation